As the weather here is quickly warming up, I found myself yearning for more summery skirts to wear.  My sister sent me a link to this blog, and we were inspired to make adult versions of this skirt.  So cute!

Here are the first two I made.  Super simple, each of them I finished in a day (in between chasing around the kids)!

The fabric from the first skirt I got at Joann Fabrics, on sale; and the second I got both fabrics at Hobby Lobby, on sale.  I always buy fabric on sale, if you don’t it really won’t save you much money than just buying a skirt at a discount store.  The only other thing you need for these skirts are thread and elastic for the waistband.  I bought about 2 yards of fabric for each skirt (or layer), but ended up with extra length.  I pretty much followed the tutorial, the only thing I did was make them a little fuller, I had about 90 inches of fabric (widthwise) and my waist is about 28 inches, so that gave me more than 3 times the amount of fullness in the gathers.   Fabric usually comes in about 45″ width, so I used the whole width of facric for each front and back of the skirt.  The length ended up being about 20 inches, but I’m short, so of course, you would adjust that to your height or how short you want the skirt to be.  (So if you add it up, really I didn’t need 2 yards, I really only needed a little over 1 yd (about 40 in) for each layer.

In total I think each skirt cost me between 10 and 15 dollars.  Not bad! I have fabric to make one more double tiered skirt and will post that when I am done.