I am always on the lookout for ways to save money, especially on beauty products (since I love to buy them so much).  I especially hate spending a fortune on department store and luxury brand beauty products, but oftentimes the case is, you get what you pay for (ie. the cheap stuff sucks).  Here’s a great hair product that is a (much) cheaper alternative to the pricey salon brands: Suave dry shampoo.

If you’re an every-other-day girl like me (as in washing your hair), but don’t like having greasy looking roots, the emergence of dry shampoos on the market has been a godsend.  Up until recently, I have only found them at salons and Sephora and the like, and they can cost $25 or more.  I noticed at my good old neighborhood Target that TreSemme had started selling a version of dry shampoo and was eager to try it out.  I was a little unimpressed, but for the pricetag of under 5 bucks, it would do in a pinch.  I really didn’t like the application, the smell, or the results as much as I wanted to.

Then stepped in the people at Suave with their Sauve Professionals line of dry shampoo.  I have to admit I was skeptical.  Even a cheapo like me usually scoffs at their products, being pretty much the cheapest (and worst quality) on the market.  But at $3, (yes $3) I had to give it a try.

And the results?  I surprisingly give it a thumb’s up.  Here are some real life photos from my bathroom (yikes):

Before: greasy roots, slick look, hard to style, no volume.

After application: more body, easier to style, visibly less greasy.

As I said, I was pretty impressed all around.  The spray was light and airy, but buildable.  You could apply more in areas that needed it without it getting too powdery looking.  It was much easier to style afterwards and gave my hair lift and volume.  It also had a much more pleasant scent than the TreSemme product. I actually really love the scent.

Thanks for reading!  Hope this helps.  I know for $3 I will be using this product a lot and will definitely buy again.