Back in the day, my mom used to make clothes for us kids because it was economical.  As I watched her create garments over the years, the gears in my head turned.  I began to see sewing not as a way to save money, but as a way to solve a problem I was increasingly faced with as I approached adolescence.  I hated shopping.  Not because the act of it was abhorrent, but because the fashions I found in the local malls were.  I had an idea in my head of what I wanted to look like, and I couldn’t find things in the stores to make me that way.  

I begged my mom to teach me to sew, and she did.  And with it, I found a release for what I wanted to express to the world! I could find fabrics I wanted and make them into the styles I wanted.  Or I could alter or fix existing clothing to make it match my vision of what it could be.

After studying apparel design in college, I am now a full fledged fashion addict.  There is only one problem; now I am also a wife and mother.  Fashion doesn’t come first anymore!  gasp! But I have found ways to adapt fashion into my life still. I can use my skills to save money for my family and try to stay within that vision I have of myself.

Fetching to me not only means finding trends and styles I love or being thrifty and crafty to save money, but also being the best and most fetching mom, wife, and person around.

So welcome to my blog, I hope you enjoy it.  I am new to this so be kind :)

I hope with this blog I can share my love of fashion, plus ways I have learned to save money on clothing and beauty products, because the only thing I love more than fashion is finding a great bargain.